Supplier Audit Program

At Independent European Certification Malaysia, we can help your company to verify that your suppliers are providing you with products or services that meet your company’s requirements, be it for quality, food safety, environment, occupational and/or social responsibility.
We bring value to our clients as our experienced auditors are well respected in this industry. Our clients are also able to operate with higher efficiency as they do not need to train and develop new staff for this role.
Independent European Certification Malaysia’s Supplier Audit Programme helps companies to:
  1. Validate or qualify a supplier
  2. Achieve an increasingly compliant and consistently performing supplier network
  3. Meet customer expectations
  4. Protect and enhance your brand(s)
  5. Have more sustainable vendor and customer relationships
These are some of the industries we serve. Do contact us if you would like to know more about our services:
  • Supplier Audit for Food Industry
  • Supplier Audit for Construction Industry
  • Supplier Audit for Automotive Industry
  • Supplier Audit for Manufacturing Industry
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audit

How Can We Help

As part of our management systems certification services, we also provide auditing, technical publications and training.