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Independent European Certification Limited only employs experienced full time lead auditors to run its training courses, this means that when you come to one of our courses, they are tailored to suit your needs by providing real life answers which are relevant to your industry and background.

There are obviously many different courses available in the market place, however we have selected to design and run a fully approved *IRCA ISO 14001:2015 EMS auditor conversion course using the newly developed accelerated learning methodologies. (IRCA Course number A18140). Why? Well we believe that training courses should provide real practical benefit to the students who attend them. We also believe that successful students should obtain an internationally recognised qualification and this is why we have selected the International Register of Certified Auditors as our authorising body.


What is Accelerated Learning?
In short, "accelerated learning" is a technique which immerses the student fully in the learning experience, an experience which uses all of the student's senses in order that information is not only remembered and regurgitated as traditional methods have proved, but one where information is captured, understood and retained for longer. "Accelerated learning" is the difference between learning a foreign language from a book and learning a foreign language whilst being in that country, surrounded by the language and immersed in the culture of that language.

What does this mean in the class room?
It means no endless hours of slide presentations, often referred to as "death by overhead". The new style course treats students as auditors right from the morning of day one of the course. The course uses practical exercises, role-plays, tutor model scenarios and model guide answers to stimulate the delegates throughout the entire duration of the learning experience.

What does the ISO 14001:2015 EMS auditor conversion course cover?
The IRCA ISO 14001:2015 EMS auditor conversion course provides students with the knowledge required to assess the conformance and performance of an organisation's environmental management system (EMS), be it at an internal level, supplier assessment or independent 3rd Party level. Operating an effective environmental management system relies upon an effective audit by a competent EMS auditor. This requires a comprehensive understanding of risk assessment, risk management and improvement processes.

What will I learn?
1. Understand the business benefits of an improvement based Environmental Management System (EMS). The management systems approach to managing environmental impacts.
2. Understand and apply the Process Approach, & Process Auditing
3. Understand the principles, processes and techniques used for the assessment and management of environmental issues and impacts in the context of an EMS audit
5. Audit an organisation's ability to comply with relevant environmental legislation
4. Interpret and understand the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 14004 & ISO 190011
5. Plan, Conduct and Report a process based audit of an entire EMS effectively

Who should take this course?

Auditors with competence in another process based management system (i.e. QMS, OHSAS) who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge to audit against ISO 4001. The pre-requirement to attend this course to fulfill IRCA conditions is that you should have attended a 5 day IRCA 9001 or 18001 Lead assessor course or acceptable alternative and have a basic understanding of the content, application and implementation of an ISO 14001 management system.

The rules as stipulated by IRCA state:

All students are expected to have the following prior knowledge before attending this course ( if not IRCA recommends students complete an IRCA certified EMS Foundation training course)

a)  Knowledge of management systems audit through satisfactory completion of an IRCA-certificated (or acceptable alternative) Auditor/Lead Auditor training course in another discipline

b)  Knowledge of these environmental management principles and concepts:

  •  The concept of environmental sustainable development whereby an organisation must ensure that actions of today do not degrade the environment of the future.
  •  The purpose of an initial review as the basis for establishing an environmental management system where none currently exists.
  •  Evaluation of activities, products and services in order to establish the environmental aspects associated with normal operating conditions, abnormal conditions such as start up and shutdown and emergency situations and accidents.
  •  Considerations of environmental aspects with respect to;

o Emission to air, release to water and release to land

o Use of raw materials, natural resources and energy

o Energy emitted and lost e.g. heat, radiation, vibration, steam, and compressed air.

o Public nuisance such as light pollution, noise, and odour

  •  Environmental legislation and how legal compliance forms part of an environmental management system.
  •  Typical methods for evaluation of the significant impacts of the environmental aspects identified and how their ranking influences operational control and priorities for improvement.

c) Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 14001, which may be gained by completing an IRCA certified EMS Foundation Training course or equivalent.

IRCA also state that students  who have not satisfactorily completed an IRCA-certificated (or acceptable alternative) Auditor/Lead Auditor training course in another discipline should be informed that they are unlikely to successfully complete this three-day course and will find the five-day EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor training course more appropriate.

Lastly IRCA also state that this course does not satisfy  more than one element of the training requirements for certification as an IRCA EMS auditor.

How long is the course?
3 days including a final 2-hour written examination.

How much is this course?
The cost of the course is £645.00 excluding VAT. This price covers the course, all training materials, lunches on the course, final examination and certificate issue.
Note: For bookings of more than one student discounts are available on request. For bookings of 4 or more students we are able to run the course within your premises - contact us for a personalised quotation.

For all enquiries please contact us